Post-Game Rant and Rave

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I really don’t have much to rant about except maybe the active list. I feel Tolzien should be starting in2014 Packers place of Flynn. What little time we have seen Flynn this year he has not impressed me. He throws very dangerous passes when he does throw and even on the hand offs he is either running into the running back or he telegraphs his play so the defense knows whats coming. Also I understand that Janis is still raw and they are bringing him along slow but I believe he is better than Dorsey so why was Janis benched again soon as they brought Dorsey of the practice squad? This in my opinion does not make much sense!

If they want this young man to learn then give him some playing time. Especially when they have a lead like this game he could have been playing to get the feel of the game but by having him inactive, he misses these important opportunities. Jones is another one in my opinion that can not play football he has had how many years now to prove he is worth a spot on the roster and has yet to show he has what it takes so bench him and activate Bradford and same with him as Janis if they get that big lead put him in to get some playing time. It’s the only way these young men will get better.
Lacy TouchdownOk Raves, What was not to like? The offense came out smoking their first possession and the defense did the same thing on theirs with a three and out.This was pretty much the message that set the tone for the rest of this game. The defense holding the Panthers to five yards total for the first quarter was just epic defensive ball and Newton was pinned in the pocket for most of this game which is how you beat a read option offense. Matthews finally had a game worthy of his talents. I said before the game if Matthews showed up they would win hands down and that’s exactly what happened. As a whole the defense was stellar against the run and the secondary was all over the receivers to stop the pass. If the defense keeps playing this type of football I will start to get giddy again about having a shot at the Super Bowl! And what can you say about this offense that everyone doesn’t already know? Aaron is on top of his game! He just keeps getting better each game if that’s even possible. With 19 of 22 and 255 yards with 3 TD’s and a 154.5 passer rating he will be hard to beat against any team. If the critics are not sold on who is the best tandem receivers in the NFL they are not watching Nelson and Cobb because those two are amazing! Their ability to gain yards after the catch is off the hook. The moves Cobb and Nelson puts on defenses secondary is pure poetry in motion. And Eddie Lacy looks to be getting back into last years form as well and if that is true, this offense will be hitting its stride at just the right time to make a big run down the stretch.images
Okay I know everyone needs to get to work so leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.


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