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Post Game Rant and Rave: Miami Miracle

Ok, I lost 10 years of my life during this game and I’m a old man that can’t afford to lose those precious years lol. What a game!




I was very impressed with the way the defense played even though you could see them tire late in the game from the heat they still made plays when the game was on the line.
Turnovers are what won this game, along with time of possesion (T.O.P.) Without both of those this game could have gone the other way and of course Aaron Rodgers! What other QB could have done what this man did? The way he controls this offense and extends plays… he is just amazing.
How about the new kid Adams? Did this young man have a game or what? He is getting Aarons trust each and every game and I think it will be hard for Boykin to take his #3 away from him now.
Offense played so so in my opinion! Sure they came out and scored on the first drive but after that they went stale until the end when it all was on the line then they stepped up once again.


I have a ton. Even though they won this game it was not a pretty win by any means!
The offensive line was horrible, Aaron was sacked or rushed way too many times and they could not open a hole to save their lives for the run game.
Brad Jones needs to be in the unemployment line soon as they get back to Green Bay, This man can not play, He misses tackles and when he does make a play its by accident because his big head got in the way! The one time he gets pressure on the QB he gets a penalty. Lets pray that Lattimores neck injury is just a stinger and can return soon but if not I would rather see Bradford play instead of Jones myself.
Where was the pass rush this game? Matthews was not even a factor, He swatted one pass WooHoo that was worth 20 plus million dollars right there! Sorry but if this man is being paid the big bucks to get to the QB then he needs to put a better effort into his game. He just doesn’t look like the same guy we all put our hopes on.
Injuries to both corners really hurts this team I hope they are not to serious because if they have to rely on Bush this team is in trouble.
McCarthy’s play calling amazes me at times. He comes out with short passes to start the game and walks it right to a TD then after that it looked like he went to another book. Why? If it worked on the first drive then why change things up?
I could go on and on about things I did not like about this game even though it was a win but I would like to hear what you have to say, so drop me a line in the comments section below.
Thank you