Post-Game Rants and Raves

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Okay coach sign me up I am on board now with this defense being the real deal. They held Chip 2014 PackersKelly’s high powered no huddle offense to 2 field goals until there were two minutes left in the third quarter when they finally found the end zone, By that time though Aaron Rodgers and the offense had pretty much locked up the game with a 53-20 win plucking the Eagles. The defense held McCoy to 88 yds. and Sproles to 21. The only thing the Eagles can sink their talons into about this game was Jordan Matthews had 5 receptions for 107 yds. but other than that the Packers defense owned them for sixty minutes.

The Packers scored a TD on Offense/Defense and Special teams for the first time since 2010. Could this be a sign? As we all know that was the year the Packers went all the way and won the big one. What I do know for sure is if this team can make the playoffs and their opponents have to come through Lambeau, they will be hard to beat.
Aaron Rodgers seems to have this offense hitting on all cylinders right now, As long as he stays upright I don’t see any team stopping his air assault, “He is just that good”  With 313 attempts and 209 completions this year and only 3 interceptions he is proving the MVP is his to lose this year.
Aaron Rodgers TD PercentageJordy Nelson is also having a stellar year with 69 receptions 998 yards and 9 TD’s. At the very least he should make the pro bowl this year and could even be considered as a MVP candidate this year as well. I know Rodgers is the best but without Nelson making outstanding plays on the other end of his tosses his stats might not look as good.
I guess the one thing I can rant about this game is the coverage on PAT’s and Punt’s with each having one blocked, Crosby also missed a field goal and in a close game those points could make the difference between a win or loss! This is an area I bet McCarthy addresses this week in practice.
I could go on forever about what impressed me about this game but the bottom line is if the Packers can continue to play at this level at home and even at 90% on the road it could be a year for the record books. It seems like every week they add another record as it is.
Let me know your thought about this game and what you expect from the team going forward.
Go Pack!


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