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RantsEddie Lacy vs Atlanta

Well the Packers lose a tough one to the Bills, Right from the start you could see Rodgers and his receivers were not on the same page this game.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

While he did give them a chance to make plays most of his passes were just off the mark. Nelson had one that could have been a TD go right through his hands which is very uncharacteristic of him, But it was just the way this game went for the most part.

I personally did not like the play calling this game as well, Lacy was running like a beast gashing the Bills defense with most of his carries and what does McCarthy do? He pulls him to play Starks and tries to get the passing game going. If its working why change it up? I understand Lacy may have been playing a little hurt but he was the only one moving the chains this game.

UntitledThis game was not Rodgers best performance by far but he did do enough to win the game the receivers just did not make the catches, Even though they were tough catches they still should have been caught.

When you throw picks its very hard to recover from them, The defense tried to keep them in the game and did a good job keeping it close but when Rodgers and company fails to produce its very hard to overcome! On one pick Aaron did make a mistake by throwing into double coverage when Nelson was WIDE open down the sideline with no defender within 20 yards of him. That play just put the icing on the cake for me that Rodgers was not his usual self this game, On any other day he sees Jordy and tosses a strike for a big gainer or even a TD.

I suppose if they had to lose it was best to do it now but they need to win out for sure to have a shot for a postseason run. If they lose to Detroit in the final game and lose the North title they might not even make the postseason but if they do it will be as a wild card and have to play road games throughout. We all know how the Packers have been on the road this year especially against good teams!


Ok I suppose I should rave about something even though there is not much to be happy about this loss.

The team did come out some what healthy, we will have to wait and see how bad Bulaga is and hope its not to bad.

Lacy was a beast enough said!

The team is not out of this yet and with a win in the last two games could still have at least a #2 seed.

Lets us know your thoughts on the future of this team.

Go Pack Go!



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