Prediction Wednesday: Packers Versus Raiders

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Brett Hundley Packers Preseason 2015When the Packers take on the Raiders tomorrow night, there we a different feel to the game. The main thing will likely be that Brett Hundley will finally get a chance to get back on the field. To me, the presence of Hundley makes all the difference in a game where the Raiders are expected to play their starters on the o-line and in the defensive backfield extensively (for a second pre-season game) and the Packers approach has been to risk no unnecessary starter. The match-up between the Packers third/fourth quarterbacks and the Raiders d-line was a recipe for…er….learning.

I mentioned on “Good Packer-Nation Morning” this morning that I am hoping (and my son Jonah was the first to say this) that Hundley plays the entire first half and the last two quarters get divided up between Callahan and Williams. I do expect Hundley to get some serious reps in this game, particularly considering he missed the first two. So with that as my basis…I proceed with my prediction.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Here are other factors that I think will play into this game.

1. Special teams

I think the kicking game looks fine but I am suspicious of the kick coverage and return units. After last season, the last thing we want to see is a step back but missing Janis and with Goodson suspended for the first 4 games for PED’s (sound familiar?) the Packers will be searching for a gunner with anywhere near the talent that they had last year. I think the punting game will keep us in the field position battle on this one. And with the new touch-back rule, there will be little to see in the kick return game so to be honest, I expect a lackluster game from special teams.

2. Defense

I expect the defense to be sorely tested in this game. The absence of BJ Raji could be felt this time around though I expect the Packers to stay with Kenny Clark longer. Dean Lowry looked pretty good kennytoo and should get some reps along with Christian Ringo who flashed against the Browns. The defensive backfield will get a test against Derek Carr and a Raiders running game that averaged 7.9 yards against the Cardinals last week. A heavy dose of the run game will force the Packers to bear down on the second level and Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree will be looking for matchups against our young secondary. This will prove, overall to be a serious test for a defense that, without a Micah Hyde INT, would have given up at least three to a marching RGIII.

3. Offense

As I said above…Brett Hundley’s play time will be the key for the Packers’ offense. Hundley flashed last year and has been forced to wait his turn in 2016. I expect to see a lot of Hundley and a lot of the Packers’ running game. Coach McCarthy showed against the Browns that he wants to run the ball and that trend will continue. That doesn’t mean play-action on first down would surprise me but coach McCarthy wants to make sure Eddie Lacy is where he should be. In light of that, I think we get one touchdown on the ground and one through the air. The Raiders will be playing more starters longer so I am expecting other points to be in the form of field goals…Mason Crosby gets two again Thursday night.

Packers 20 – Raiders 17

Go Pack!



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