Quick Slant: December 3, 2013 – Packer Pride

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During last week’s press conference, Mike McCarthy aptly summed up his Green Bay Packer team as a

Mike McCarthy Loses Aaron Rodgers

Mike McCarthy and Co. can sort out who stays and who goes AFTER we see who really has Packer Pride.

“wounded team that got drilled today.” Well, with a little extra rest this week, we’ll see what kind of Packer Pride this team has got and who really “gets” what the Packers organization is really about.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Let me explain what I do NOT mean by that…

1. I do NOT mean let’s see who plays their hearts out because the Pack still has a chance to go to the playoffs and make good things happen (though I’d love to see it and it is still possible).

2. I do NOT mean let’s see who plays poorly as we lose out and hold Aaron Rodgers out for the season (because it’s over anyway) and then retool the defense, fire coaches and/or coordinators, and be better NEXT year.

Here’s what I want to find out. Who out there is gonna take getting “drilled” by the Detroit Lions, the most irrelevant franchise in the league, personally. Each player has personal pride and on top of that they play for the friggin’ Packers for cryin’ out loud. It’s all about winning whether the winning is for a playoff spot or not. We win for personal pride and for the greater good of this greatest sports organization on the planet. We win because it’s the “only thing.” I want to see who coordinates and coaches and goes out to make the plays that win games for Packer Pride. The playoff picture and any personnel moves will take care of themselves AFTER that.


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