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Quickslant: Dec. 13, 2013 – It’s Friday the Thirteenth

So it’s Friday the thirteenth and as you all know…no Rodgers for the game against the Cowboys. The

The team needs to rally around Matt Flynn in what could be his last start before Rodgers returns.

gameplan will proceed with Matt Flynn.

1. We have to run the ball. We know defenses are going to dare us to pass and early on, a few slants and short crosses will pay dividends if we can connect. Matt Flynn is capable of making those throws but then we will need to run against a suspect Dallas defense. Expect two touchdowns on the ground.

2. We will win the battle in the trenches. Watch out…the Packers O-line and D-line will play a HUGE part in the outcome of this game. Last week when we talked about this game I said that we couldn’t win it without Rodgers. But I have a feeling the lines are gonna make a statement in this game. If Jolly, BJ, Pickett and co. get their freak on in this game…we could not just win but we could win big. We could find out just how adequate Matt Flynn can be.

3. AJ Hawk has nine tackles. When AJ is on fire, offenses sputter against us. Look for AJ to plug gaps and if he does that means that the Cowboys are not getting the ball downfield.

4. Continued contribution from Quarless. Quarless had a breakout performance agains the Falcons and we are gonna need him going forward or…we are going to go backwards.

So that’s what I expect to see come Sunday. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.

Stay Proud!