Quickslant: Dec. 16, 2013 – A Rant

Okay…I know that the news media has to sell air time and make money and all but…really??? The day aftermediumforweb the Packers mount a comeback after being down 26-3 at the half…the greatest comeback in team history:

1. Without Aaron Rodgers

2. Without Randall Cobb

3. Without Jermichael Finley

4. With their playoff hopes on the line

What does the news media focus on for the entire day? The Dallas Cowboys! I have seen ENOUGH slow-motion clips of Romo dropping the F-bomb after throwing the pick that sealed Dallas’ fate. One of TWO picks that were two of the most athletic interceptions I have seen EVER in the National Football League. All the questions seem to center around “Was Dez wrong to walk to the locker room with 1:20 left on the clock?”

BULL…pure bull! This Packer team, in a year of adversity battled back to win a second game by one point and stay in the hunt and all we hear about is what Jerry Jones thinks of the loss? BULL!

This should ALL be about the young Packers team who beat the odds…a Cinderella story without Aaron Rodgers and the media blows it to heck. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

And Packers players…coaches…and FANS…you should STAY


Quickslant: Dec. 16, 2013 – A Rant — 5 Comments

  1. I have been saying the same ALL day! No.. the NBC crew did the same thing on the pre-game show last night! I will say that the NFL station at least interviewed Clay. Sick of hearing Romo’s mistakes! GO PACK GO!!! Prove them ALL idiots!

    • Leah. You are so right…Why would a sport that is centered around choosing a champion based on WINNING spend so much time talking about the loser of a game when the winning team practically saved it’s season and has an opportunity to get their elite qb back! Thanks so much for the comment come again soon!

  2. The Packers were not treated fairly after their come from behind win. Also, I believe Dez should be fined for walking off the field early, he said he couldn’t hide his emotions, whatever, other guys stay on the field during a tough loss no matter what, there’s no I in team Dez, grow up. I also think Romo should be fined for the f-bombs you could clearly read, I believe Hawk got a fine for lip syncing f-u or flipping off another teammate. These men are role model for our kids, they need to own up to their mistakes. I too got sick of hearing of how wonderful the Cowboys are, if they were so good why did they lose!!!

  3. Good point Rolenda.

    All they seem to show is that slo-mo f-bomb. And you’re right about AJ getting tagged for flying the bird.

    Now, with the Ravens win over the Lions…Packers can make a SPLASH!!!

    Come back and talk to me again soon!

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