Quickslant: Dec. 18, 2013 – Can we really do this?

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So there is no guarantee that Aaron Rodgers will be available for the game vs. the Steelers…til Friday Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packersanyway. Can the Pack win with Flynn???

Well, after the great comeback against the Dallas Cowboys, one would want to say “Yes.” and the Steelers are a team in decline…waiting for next year right now. But if Matt Flynn starts…it won’t be easy. But the Pack can beat the Steelers with Flynn if:

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

1. Flynn continues to improve and learns the lessons from last week

2. The defense continues to step up…to the tune of  2010.

3. The team treats every snap of the ball like their last…until the end.

4. Young players continue to develop and the spirit of the team is more like the second half of the Dallas game than the first.

We need Aaron back, no doubt. But more than that, we need young players and rookies to come into their own as Rodgers comes back and we win against the Steelers to win ourselves a BIG game against the Bears at Soldier Field. The biggest game since the NFC Championship in 2010.

Do you feel me packernation???



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