Quickslant: Poll Results and Thankfulness for a Known Starting Quarterback

After watching the Browns v. Redskins game last night, I found myself reflecting on our quarterback Aaron Rodgers Training Camp 2014situation as Packers fans. The Browns fielded two quarterbacks, none of which were…well…good. Brian Hoyer went 2-6 for 16 yards and Johnny “football” was 7-16 for 65 yards, one touchdown and one middle finger to the Redskins fans caught on video. Classy…very classy.

I’m SO thankful to be a Packers fan right now, and here’s why:

brettkidPackernation, we need to stop and reflect on the decades of success we have had that have put the 1980’s so far in the rear-view mirror that we struggle to remember what disappointment felt like aside from the disappointment of NOT going far enough in the playoffs.

How fortunate are we as Packers fans for having the “ironman” Brett Favre followed by another elite quarterback who is already compiling a resume that could get him into the Hall of Fame, even as Brett Favre will be inducted in a couple years.

Contrast this to a team like the Browns, who constantly reach for quarterbacks who never seem to pan out. We have a LOT to be excited about, and a LOT to be thankful for. To the organization for refusing to reach but making key acquisitions (Brett Favre, Reggie White, Julius Peppers) when the opportunities presented themselves. For a team that comes together even when severly injured. And most of all for quarterback play that has been so exciting and fun to watch for so long.


*The results of this week’s poll “What do you think of the NFL’s emphasis on illegal contact?’ are in and 94% of Packernation thinks that the flags are too much and could make the games less enjoyable. Thanks for voting Packernation!


Quickslant: Poll Results and Thankfulness for a Known Starting Quarterback — 5 Comments

  1. I turned the game off last night half way through the second quarter Lmao at Johnny football as they like to call him. I knew all the hype about him would go to his head. You could tell when he was picked what the game was about to him “Money” nothing more!
    Some day maybe he will grow up and start realizing he is a talented young man that with the right attitude and training just may be able to play the game as a pro! But until that day he will just be a laughing stock of the NFL.

  2. Thank you for this article. You hit it out of the park with the frustration about not going far enough in the playoff. Helps me remember there are other teams that haven’t made the playoffs in a very very long time.

  3. I was fortunate to grow up with Lombardi’s Packers. The slump started immediately after he left. The ’70s were as bad as the ’80s. Then came Ron Wolf and things changed for the better with Holmgren, Majkowski, Farve, Jones, White, and company – and a return to greatness. I’m still a bit disappointed in Ted Thompson. 2 championships in 2 decades with arguably the best QBs in the game is less than I’d expected with such talent. Lombardi wouldn’t be happy with division titles. But there’s no question that we’re enjoying some greatness at the QB position in GB lately.

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