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Well the Packers report to training camp next Saturday, July 25 and begin practice the next day. Trainingcamplogo Packernation is absolutely sizzling with anticipation at the thought that our beloved Green Bay Packers will once again take the field. There will be training camp battles, story-lines and most of all…football! Green Bay Wisconsin is about to become the center of the universe for Packers fans. 

But there is one story-line that nobody in Packernation wants…

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The biggest story-line of the season last year was injuries. The injury to Aaron Rodgers was the single most significant factor in the team’s record last season. NOBODY wants to see key players injured this year…especially before the season begins. So the highest priority in training camp has be staying healthy during camp and the preseason so that we start the season off on the right foot.

One of the things I love about Mike McCarthy is his willingness to adapt to circumstances and make necessary changes for the sake of improvement. Several years ago, McCarthy adapted the training camp routine to ensure the players get more rest. This less is more approach keeps the players feeling better into the season and gives our team better results over the long haul. I believe McCarthy will be creative in managing his players again this season and make any changes that could help keep the injury bug at bay.

Injuries are part of the game…a team cannot ever get away from them altogether, but the Packers have been one of the hardest hit teams for too long. If we can get through training camp with no major injuries it would be a major win in and of itself.

Another aspect of the injury situation is the players that still have healing to do. It will be interesting to see how soon Clay Matthews gets back to 100% as he has been a big key to the Packers success. The Packers training staff has been blamed from time to time for the injury problems the Packers have had. I’m not so sure if I can attach the blame for something so seemingly random as injuries to the training staff. Regardless, they would be well served to have a Packers season in which injuries play a significantly smaller role.

So as these new players learn, practice, and compete, here is hoping they do so safely and we go into the pre-season as a whole and healthy team.



Brady Augustine is co-owner and content creator for www.greenbaypackernation.com. He currently resides in Tennessee and also conspires with brother, JR on www.cheesnewswire.com

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