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It saddens me I will be writing a R&R post for the last time, I was not ready for the season to end – especially like this. I am proud of this team for fighting through adversity this year and going as far as they did without many of their star players.Packers Playing Loose vs Redskins 2016 Wildcard

Where was this offense all season? This will be the million dollar question throughout the offseason. It took injuries to Nelson, Cobb, Adams and Montgomery to force McCarthy’s hand and play Jared Abbrederis and Jeff Janis but when they finally got their chance they excelled, besides Abby’s drop on his first attempt he caught everything tossed his way and Janis’s play speaks for itself. Rodgers seemed to get upset with him on a corner route in the end-zone, Aaron threw to the front corner and Jeff went to the back but after that play they seemed to get on the same page with some big catches to keep the beat up Packers in a game most figured to be a blowout like the first meeting. Speaking for myself I believe if McCarthy had played Janis more this season things could have been different, he stretches the field with speed, even though his route running is not where Rodgers would like, It might have been worth a few bad routes for the payoff of big plays which he showed can happen in this game. But the what “could have been, should have been’s” are meaningless now so onto next season and hope these two guys showed enough for Rodgers and McCarthy to trust them more.

It’s hard to blame the defense for this loss but it was one big play they messed up on which ended their season on a low note, Larry Fitzgerald is the Cardinals best receiver and for them to let him get wide open like that was mind boggling, granted Palmer made a great play by escaping the pass rush and buying time but someone on defense blew the coverage on Fitz big time. Even after the catch the guys looked bad trying to tackle him.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

There will be some fans screaming Fire McCarthy, Fire Capers, Fire Thompson just like every year they fall short but the reality is they are the reason this team is in the playoffs each year and this year they did it with a depleted group. One thing I believe needs to be done is Bennett as OC needs to be replaced, I have been saying that all year and yes even when they were 6-0 that Bennett is not a very good offensive coordinator. Right from the start you could see the offense was not its usual self and I believe it’s on Bennett. Clements is a much better OC so let him do the job even if they want to call him a assistant head coach. Put Bennett back as the receiver coach because Van Pelt obviously isn’t the man for the job. These are just my feelings so don’t take them to heart and think it will be done because most likely nothing will change and everyone promoted this year will be right back next year doing the same jobs!

Well the season is done. it’s been a bumpy ride and lots of memories, I want to thank all my readers for your support and criticism, I enjoyed your input to each of my R&R posts. Sorry it comes to an end but maybe I will see you all next season same time same place~

Let us know your thoughts about not only this game but the season as a whole in the comments below or the facebook fanpage.

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