Rookie Signing Roundup

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spriggs 2Yesterday saw some roster activity for the Green Bay Packers. In the space between rookie orientation and mandatory mini-camp, the Pack has signed rookie draft picks, un-drafted free agent hopefuls, and released some players too. Here is the rundown in case you haven’t been able to keep up.

The Packers signed T Jason Spriggs, the second round draft pick out of Indiana and TE Casey Pierce who was originally signed as a UFA by Detroit. The Packers also signed rookie free agents DT Demetris Anderson, RB Brandon Burks, FB Alstevis Squirewell and G Cory Tucker.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Released were (most notably) Josh Boyd, plus DT William Campbell, TE David Grinnage, WR Dennis Parks and T Jeremy Vujnovich.

The signing of FB Squirewell along with the development of Ripkowski seem to signal the end of John Kuhn’s time in Green Bay. Anything can happen but if Kuhn isn’t back, the Packers will be missing an emotional leader on the field. Kuhn was not a linchpin of the offense but his leadership and grit would be missed.

The signing of Spriggs adds to a list that already includes draft choices Blake Martinez, Dean Lowry, Trevor Davis and Kyle Murphy.

Spriggs may be the favorite pick of this year’s draft for many in Packernation, after a season which saw injuries limit the Packers offensive line. If Spriggs can learn the playbook, he could compete for a starting spot. Certainly his second round selection would indicate that he has the skillset and frame to start. But with continuity being a key factor on the offensive line, it is perhaps most advantageous to let him develop and fill in as necessary and see what happens with the free agent linemen next year. Certainly we will see plenty of Spriggs in the pre-season.

Go Pack!


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