GreenBay Packer Nation

R&R By Jeff


I, for one, was not happy with the way McCarthy called the game for the most part. He started out great with pounding the ball with Lacy/Starks and short passes so Rodgers could get the ball out fast and not have to scramble to take a chance of further injuring his calf. But after the first drive he did a 180 and tried forcing the ball down field. Going into halftime being down 14-10 was the first time since the first home game the Packers did not go into the locker room with a lead. After they came out McCarthy went back to what worked on the first drive and that’s when Rodgers started clicking again so why he got away from it for most of the first half just boggles my mind. I like McCarthy and think he is a great leader but at times I truly wonder about the way he calls a game.

For the second week in a row Brad Jones has done NOTHING but get penalties that lead to points for the other team so I would ask WHY do they keep playing this loser? The man can’t play football and needs to be benched. I would rather see Hawk out there and I think he is a has-been or a never-was! At best he is reliable but I will not get into that now, What they need to do is play Barrington, Matthews in the middle and let Neal, Elliot play the edges with Peppers.

Pass rush…While it was a little better this game it was still not where it should be, Capers will need to dial up a better game plan next week if he wants to stop Wilson from gashing them with his legs and arm! With the exception of a few plays the run defense did a good job but same with the pass rush Capers will need to step it up a notch to contain Lynch and Wilson from making big plays if they are to have a chance at beating the defending champs and revenging the loss of their first meeting this year.


While it was a win the crybabies are saying the catch that “wasn’t” was the reason the Packers won. I say otherwise. Even if the ‘boys get the catch/TD the score would be 26-28 and if they go for 2 and get it 26-29 so with over 4 minutes left in the game the Packers would have marched down the field to score a FG at the very least but the way they moved it down field to finally just sit on the ball and run out the clock who is to say they would not have scored a TD for the win? So best case scenario for the ‘boys fans would have been a tie at best but it would most likely been a win for the Packers nevertheless.

I loved the check down or change of play calling Rodgers used with the “New York Bozo” I about fell out of my chair when I heard him say that, Gov. Christi had to know he was making a dig towards him.

Speaking of the man, How about this QB? He has shown his toughness for the last 3 games, He is not only playing better than most QB’s on one leg he is putting forth MVP performances.

Adams/Cobb/Lacy all with 100 yard games was huge in winning this one and Adams especially stepped up to make big plays.

I am also liking the play by both TE’s lately, R. Rodgers and Quarless both have stepped up their game to extend drives with crucial first down catches.

Let me end my raves by saying the O line has come together to play the best football I have ever witnessed by a Packers line, They are keeping a injured Aaron protected and opening holes for the run game and if they can do this next week I believe the Packers go into Seattle and defeat the defending super bowl champs to revenge the first game of the season loss to come away with the NFC title and move on to Arizona for the big game!

Let me know your thoughts as well.

Go Pack Go!