R&R: Green Bay Packers Versus Chicago Bears

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This was the first time in a long time that I watched a Packers versus Bears game and got a little nervous. The Sam Shieldsdefense was horrible… they could not stop the run and penalties were coming in bunches. Granted, I think the ref’s were pro Bears but most of the calls were legit. Bottom line – if they don’t clean it up they will not stand a chance with a better team which they face next week! I like Sam Shields but he could not have had a worse game he was either falling down or missing tackles or just plain getting blown away on coverage on every play and he was a big part of the penalties with the main one coming on a field goal he tried to block jumping off-sides to give the Bears another set of downs. So instead of coming away with three points the Bears got seven. I know he is a pro bowl player but when someone is having a bad day he needs to be benched. Gunter was inactive this game but if he wasn’t I would say let him play in Shields’ place. Randall out played Shields this game as a rookie IMO.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Tackling was another eyesore this game they should have had Cutler sacked at least 5 times but they let him escape to extend plays, I know Forte is a good RB but they also should have stopped him on multiple plays with little to no gain but failed to wrap up and actually tackle. I can bet the tackling drill and penalties will be enforced this week in practices. Everyone always wants Capers’ head when the defense plays bad but he called a good game it was the players execution which caused all the issues. The Bears also won the time of possession so keeping Aaron & Co. on the sideline was smart play and kept the Bears in the ball game for the most part so this is another area of the game they will need to improve on.


A big focus point this offseason was to get off to a fast start so this win is a good way to do that, some think next week is the important game to win but this one was bigger.
After a shaky start the offense settled down and played stellar ball.  James Jones looked as though he never left with 2 TD’s and while I’m happy he is back in GB I also feel he is taking away the development of Montgomery James Jones 2and Janis. Montgomery was on fire in the kick returns with 2 big ones giving the offense great field position to start drives, Janis was on the bench the whole game and that will not help with his growth of the team.  Jones is a red zone threat but he doesn’t stretch the field like Janis could, with his speed, defenses would have to keep the safeties deep and that would open the run game up for Lacy/Starks. For whatever reason Rodgers still doesn’t trust Janis – even when he is playing he never looks the kid’s way but when Tolzien is in the game he targeted Janis often which in the preseason has turned into TD’s. But I will not question the Packers reasoning I am just a fan who would like to see what Janis can do in a real game just once in a while, but anyway a win is a win and this game was big not only for starting 1-0 since 2011 but as a divisional game it has a major impact on winning the NFC North for the fifth year in a row.

Well aside from a slow start in the first half I was pleased with the way the Packers came out for the second half and finished the game so let Packer nation know your thoughts in the comments below or back on our Facebook Fanpage.



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