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Aaron Rodgers and Jordy NelsonWith Pennel and Goodson coming off their suspensions by the NFL the Packers have some decisions to make, In order to bring them back it would mean two players either have to be cut or placed on IR, Thompson always seems to find a way to keep his own . He doesn’t want his guys getting picked up on waivers so my question is, What would packer nation do?

With Lacy nursing another injured ankle should they bring up Jackson from the PS? If so then that would mean three players would have to come off the 53!

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Here are my thoughts, and remind you I’m just stating a personal opinion but I feel Callahan is a wasted spot and should be cut, I think being from a division III school with no experience in the NFL no team would take a chance on picking him up to their 53 so he could be placed on the PS after he clears waivers, I know some will say he showed promise in the preseason so a team would want him but the truth is he was playing 2nd and third stringers so putting him up in a regular game with starters he wouldn’t look quite so well.

DT Price will be another player cut to make room for Pennel. this one is almost a givenIMO.

S Marwin Evans is my third player who could be on the blocks if they decide to bring up Jackson or if Thompson does what no one would expect and sign a free agent, I was hoping Forsett would get a look but he signed with the Lions and Spiller went to the Hawks.

Not sure where Crockett is at on his recovery but if he is close I would like to see him return to the roster as the third back.

Well these are my opinions please let packer nation know yours in the comments below or on our FB home page.

Thanks, Jeff

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