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R&R just a few thoughts

 With the free agent frenzy well over Thompson once again stuck with his draft & develop philosophy and never even looked at spending big money on free agency. We all waited for the big splash McCarthy talked about and it never came. Unless you consider a no name DE B.J. McBryde, who couldn’t even make the Browns 53 man team last year!

Some fans are fed up with Thompson and want the organization to either remove him or have him retire. Personally, I like the way Ted keeps the team stocked with young talent while keeping the cap well in check, but I also think the avenues other than draft & develop should be used to fulfill needs. I’m not asking to break the bank but there are players still available who could better the team this year but Ted just sits idle.

Jared Cook came for a visit. While he is no Gronk, he could give Rodgers a big target down the seam and red zone. President Mark Murphy said the Packers will not over spend for a player, so maybe this is the strategy they’re taking with Cook. So far the only team interested in him is the Pack. So by waiting to offer a deal, they could get him at a bargain.

The same can be said about their own free agents like Mike Neal, John Kuhn and even Brett Goode who was injured late in the season with an ACL. By waiting, Thompson may be able to retain their own at veteran minimums instead of paying more than they need.

I believe when the May 12th dead line arrives they will sign Kuhn and Neal at bargain prices. And, if Cook has not got any other interests, they will offer him a one year “prove it” contract which could be in the range of 4 to 6 million with incentives. This way it won’t go against the comp picks.

The Packers have $13.2 million left in remaining cap room for 2016 with a third of that needed for signing this year’s draft choices. So Ted will stay the course about over spending too early to keep the cap manageable.

The Packers have three of their core offensive linemen entering free agency next year; David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton and Tj Lang. All will require enough money to retain them. Not to mention, if Lacy turns things around this year, he will be asking for a long term deal as well. So all these guys have to be in Teds agenda this year as the cap works!

Well these are just a few Rants & Raves I have so let Packer nation know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

Thanks Jeff

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