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Packer Preseason RELAXMcCarthy said it best, the Packers just got their (Butt’s) kicked.

I had this game down as their first loss when the schedule came out but going into the game last night I figured the way the defense had been playing they could get the win…I was wrong. The defense we all had become accustomed to seeing reared its ugly head again. Casey Hayward should have been a bench-warmer this game not a corner because he couldn’t cover his own butt much less anyone else’s! Not sure about the plan Capers had in place for this game and why he stuck to it but zone was not the answer, he gave Manning plenty of time to throw his knuckle balls to the middle of the field all night and he never changed a thing to stop him. Losing Shields hurts I hope it’s not to serious but standing on the sidelines with his arm in a sling isn’t a good sign, then when Rollins went out this game was pretty much over. Goodman is a good special teams player but he is no corner, Randall was playing on a sore ankle and as I stated about Hayward he was out played the whole game.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

The run defense once again failed with Raji making very few plays and raising his hand on each of them like he was actually playing well just made my stomach turn, if you want to celebrate then stop the run all the time not every now and then! Where was the pass rush this game? Manning had all day to throw the ball and as I said, Capers’ game plan for this one made no sense. Denver came to play and they were on Rodgers every play not just half the time, which brings me to the offense.

I know Denver has the best defense in the league right now but where was the O-line last night? They were on vacation from the way it looked, and Aaron didn’t have his best game either. Usually, he will avoid the rush with his legs to extend plays but instead he either took the sack or threw an uncatchable ball, and when he did have time he looked scared to make the tosses he normally makes without hesitation.

As for the receivers, who else is sick of these lackadaisical performances from these guys? The only one who was going full tilt Jared Abbrederis Preseason 2015was Cobb, Adams was suppose to be the up and coming star of this team but he could not run a route if the map was drawn on his eyelids last night. As for Jones, he has been invisible for the most part lately and R. Rodgers looks lost as well so where did these guys go? This is not the offense we all know and love! Nelson’s loss was huge but come on… he isn’t the reason the other guys are running around lost. I know I will get slammed for this but Lacy need’s to get in the gym and start working out. He has lost his ability to make cuts and hit the hole with speed and power. He said last week he was running with his pads high but it looks to me like he just isn’t running. Whatever the reason, he needs to figure it out or let Harris step in to see what he can do. I am not a Janis or Abbrederis groupie but since these other guys are roaming around in la la land how about seeing what they can do? Maybe just maybe one of them will show some passion to get open. Okay let me get to time management, one game McCarthy uses his timeouts when they’re not needed then like this game he puts them in his pocket to take home, 3rd and 31 with a minute and a half before half and he let Denver run the clock down, Why? Call timeout make them punt just to give your guys a shot to score before half, at times I just have to shake my head and wonder how he can be so right on some days and just the opposite on others but whatever the case he needs to self scout his coaching if they want to get better.

Well it was their first loss and it’s not the end of the world. Now we will see what this team is made of as they have another tough game next week on the road which is even more important because it’s an NFC match up with another undefeated team. How they handle this defeat and bounce back will tell a lot about their identity this year, the bottom line is that Capers needs to apply what he did the first six games and get this defense back on track and Clements needs to figure out what is going on with Rodgers and his receivers or it could get ugly. So let Packer nation know your thoughts in the comments below or on the facebook homepage.

Thanks, Jeff

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