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R&R Packers vs Giants


I know it was a win but there were some faults this game, starting with Aaron Rodgers. There is no way an MVP QB throws two INT’s to a depleted secondary like the Giants have, he was also missing open receivers again and trying to force the ball into tight coverage, and looking for Nelson way to much. Jordy was targeted 13 times with only 4 receptions for 38 yards. Rodgers was 23-for-45 for 259 yards, two TDs and a passer rating of 65.0. which is far from being elite.

James Starks in my opinion is useless. He can’t catch and hitting hole hole would be a surprise! All we can hope for now is John Crockett can return before long since Lacy has once again injured his ankle, which is no surprise since he has done so every year, I think next year I will start a pool on how many games he can play before getting an ankle injury! I know Justin Forsett is available right now but we all know Thompson won’t give a free agent any looks.

Play-calling was once again questionable, McCarthy isn’t using the right players for certain plays, for instance Cobb is not a running back so he has no business being in the back-field plain and simple! Abbrederis, Janis and Davis are still sitting on the bench way too much, this was a game where speed could have resulted in big plays down field but McCarthy didn’t use them on a depleted secondary.

Well those are my gripes if you have any let us know in the comments.


The offensive line was outstanding this game, Rodgers could have took a short nap before throwing the ball the way they were protecting him. Besides a couple penalties they were flawless. Lacy was provided with big holes and so was Starks but as I stated he couldn’t hit one if he had a map to it. Lacy on the other hand was on fire looking like the running back of old.

I’ve been hard on Davante Adams and rightfully so but if he can string together some games like this one I will slack off on him but until then I am not sold on him as the #3 guy. One pass Aaron threw high for him to go up and get like he’s suppose to but he pulled his hands down and the ball should have been intercepted but luckily it wasn’t. Cobb was the man this game he played with attitude and made most of the big plays, the last play to seal the deal was scary, his neck was twisted up hard and at first didn’t look good but he got up and walked it off. After the game he even admitted it scared him and quoted he thought he had died when he seen all the people standing over him after the hit.

Well it was a win and that’s the only rave which counts so like the rants let us know your raves as well in the comments below or on our FB home page.



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