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R&R Packers vs Vikings


I will get roasted for this but Rodgers stunk this game. He has regressed since the middle of last season and looks to still be declining. Most were saying it was the loss of Nelson last year but I wrote more than a few posts saying Rodgers has regressed as a QB and it has carried over into this season. He has no vision anymore. I saw at least 2 plays where he had Nelson wide open over the middle deep but he threw the ball into tight coverage either short or on the sideline.

He says anyone can make the easy throws so he practices the hard ones, well maybe he needs to start practicing the easy ones because he can’t make them at this point.

The Rodgers of two years ago would pick a defense apart with quick release passes. short crossing routes and back should throws picking up 5 yards but now he is trying to make a big play every time.

He needs to stop blaming everyone else and take a long look at himself!

McCarthy’s choice of personnel was horrible, Cobb isn’t a RB and has no business in the back field unless it’s some type of trick play.

4th and 1 and we go with James Starks instead of Eddie Lacy? Come on! Any coach with half a brain knows Lacy is the right choice in those situations!

How many times do we have to see Adams run the wrong route or drop the ball? In the mean time you have the best route runner with sure hands sitting on the bench in Abbrederis.

Why is Lacy sitting on the bench for a whole quarter? I understand rotating Starks in but not like this…if Lacy isn’t injured he needs to touch the ball 20 plus times a game.

I get going for it on 4th and one but early in the game and a chance to tie the game why not kick the FG? And if you do go for it put your power back in not a finesse player.

Okay there’s way to many things I can rant about this game but I will stop here.


I only have one and it’s the defensive line they played stellar ball stopping the run.

Sorry I can’t think of anymore to rave about so if you have any please let us know in the comments below or on the face book home page.

Thanks, Jeff

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