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Aaron Rodgers DisappointedI am sick to my stomach, this loss is unacceptable on so many levels it’s not funny. The offensive play calling was horrible in the second half and the execution looked more like a team of high school players. Davante Adams should be put on the bench until he learns how to catch. When is McCarthy going to use Janis? The kid is a play-maker and they are wasting his abilities sitting on the bench. I have said this many times and I’m tired of hearing “He is not ready”… BS! It looks to me like Adams is the one not ready PERIOD!

James Jones is a hero one week and a zero the next. This is why they let him go in the first place, because he is unreliable. I know the defender made a good play by knocking the ball out of his hands but he needs to catch that ball. Same with Adams, the ball was high but he didn’t even jump to catch it and he is supposed to have a huge vertical leap which he could have used to out jump the defender.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Eddie was running like a beast gashing the defense and after he fumbled, McCarthy took him out which in my opinion cost them the game. I understand turning the ball over is unacceptable but did they pull Rodgers out for throwing an interception? Hell no so why pull Eddie?

Aaron Rodgers is not playing MVP style football he is not using his legs to get first downs like he use to, hell he ran more with a bad calf than he does now! The last play of the game he had Janis standing right in front of him and he throws a high ball to Adams who had been dropping every pass thrown to him this game so bad decisions on Rodgers part costs them as well. Bottom line is Aaron needs to get off his high horse and start trusting Janis to make plays, how is the kid suppose to prove he can do it if Rodgers won’t throw him the ball?

Referee’s cost them the win as well. Rodgers finally got an off-sides play and hit Cobb which would have been a TD. I can understand a slight hesitation but Aaron was dancing in the pocket for a good 4 seconds before releasing the ball and then they decide to call it dead when the balls in the air. But they can’t rely on refs to help or hinder the outcome of any game, this offense is terrible is all there is to it. Clements needs to get back into the O room and McCarthy has to swallow his pride and admit he messed up by changing a championship team around after last seasons heartbreaking loss in the NFC championship game. I said it before -he must go back to the way it was, Bennett is no OC, he needs to be in the wide receivers room again and Clements back to OC. While McCarthy made big mistakes finishing games when he had a lead at least he had the offense clicking so they could get one, So start calling the plays but once the team gets a lead, keep the peddle down and finish.

The defense once again kept them in the game so this will be the only rave I can think of this game but even they were not the same as last week when they sacked Bridgewater 6 times. Capers needed to dial up more pressure but for whatever reason he went back to playing zone most of the game.

Well I for one am worried if changes are not made this team will not win the division let alone make the postseason. I will always be a Packer fan, win or lose, but these type of performances are really hard to watch. But let Packer nation know your thoughts on our facebook home page or comments section below.


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