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I’m sure there are a lot of upset fans today and rightfully so…well where do I start?Packers Training Camp Day Three

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Lets start with what I feel needs to be addressed immediately, the offensive woes all began when McCarthy promoted Clements from OC to the assistant head coach and made Bennett the OC from WR coach so move them back or let them go either or because they obviously aren’t doing a good job. Personally I would demote them back because they did a good job in 2014.

Now the biggest reason the offense has fallen off is Aaron Rodgers. I know people will slam me for saying this but he has lost the accuracy he once had, this all started about mid season last year for what ever reason whether it be personal, mechanics, fundamentals or just the focus he needs to get things right or concede he can’t and let Hundley play. At this point he can’t do any worse! I love Aaron as much as the next fan but after watching him the last 14 games or so it makes my stomach churn every time he drops back to pass. It used to be ok he would follow it up with another great pass for a touchdown. I’m not gonna go on and on about this you all get my drift.

Ball security was the worst I can remember ever seeing. McCarthy naturally put all the blame on this and although it was a big part it wasn’t the reason they lost. When you turn it over four times it does make it hard to win but my reason above weights in much heavier.

People will call for McCarthy’s head just like every loss saying his play calling is stale or out dated. While I can get on board with out dated his play calling is still better than most, the west coast offense is an up beat fast tempo scheme but lately they been playing it slow so defenses are able to adjust. MM needs to mix it up a little more often as well instead of run…run…pass like he has been.

Some will call for Capers head as well but he has done a great job with all the injuries they’re dealing with. I will get on him about using certain personnel on certain plays, Matthews has been a non factor since moving back outside so play him inside more and let him rush from there.


Not to much to rave about this game but I have to give the O line some credit, they did a great job giving Rodger 2 hours to stand there until he takes a sack or misses a pass by a mile!

Ty Montgomery played well soon as Adams went down he stepped in and made an impact, with the exception of the fumble.

I suppose the biggest rave is the game is over and they only have to wait four days to get the bad taste out of their mouths as Aaron so kindly put it. Lets hope the taste doesn’t turn to mold after playing the Bears Thursday night.

Well I will stop here and let you all put your two cents worth in the comments below or on the FB home page.



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