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This was a statement game by McCarthy and his redeemed role as play caller, from the time the offense stepped on the field it was the Lacy and Starks show and this is McCarthy’s calling card as a head coach and play caller.
He has always liked to run/run/pass which got him a bad rap but this game he was mixing it up so it kept the defense guessing for the most part but pounding the ball in bad weather was obviously his game plan right out of the gate.
Lacy looked like a man on a mission this game, he ran the ball with bad intentions each time he touched it and having Starks as the one two punch with Kuhn getting involved as well the offense started to look like its old self. With a combined 230 yards rushing it eclipses the best rushing stats this year.
Even the O line played better but still needs a little work on protecting Rodgers who was sacked twice and hit multiple times but on a high note they were opening holes all day for Eddie and James to move the ball.
Jeff Janis was a beast on special teams, as the gunner on punts he has replaced Bush and if he keeps playing like this game he will have a long future with the team, maybe down the road he will even start seeing snaps as a receiver!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Ok, let me just say McCarthy resuming play calling was not the reason they won this game, while it may have helped the game was won by players executing their assignments, the o line stepped up in the run game but as stated they need to work on pass protection if they want to improve going forward. If it wasn’t for Rodgers getting out of the pocket and running for first downs this game could have been a lot closer.


It’s hard to rant over a win but they need to clean up the penalties still and the receivers are still running sluggish routes, Did anyone else notice Adams was standing on the sidelines a lot this game? I think McCarthy is getting frustrated with him as well, Abbrederis was getting the reps but he was not a factor, Cobb seems to be the only one putting any effort into running crisp routes. Jones went back to the hoodie and played better so maybe he needs to stick with it.

Ok this was a much needed win and the Packers are now in control of the NFC north by one game going into Oakland next week and the Vikings playing the Bears they should and better pull off a win, maybe DaBears can get hot and beat the Vikes. But the real test will come the following week against the Cards, most think the Pack can’t win that game but if they can win this week decisively and boost their moral I believe they have a shot at running the table for the rest of the season and beyond if ya know what I mean.

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