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Aaron Rodgers DisappointedThe Packers lost a game which never should have been close, yet McCarthy still won’t do what needs to be done! He took a championship team from last season and changed everything about it in the coaching staff. Giving up play calling is a major issue which should be corrected, it’s past due for him to resume the duties to get the offense which is their bread and butter back on track, Clements needs to be put back in the booth.

Rodgers, for whatever reason, is not playing like we are use to he is missing throws to wide open receivers, McCarthy says he doesn’t correct his QB’s problems to the media but you could tell he is not happy with Aaron’s performance as well. Why they’re not benching James Jones and letting Abbrederis play just irks me, Abby was the only player making big plays and getting separation, Jones played well the first few games but since then he has been a non factor. Adams is dropping way too many passes so why not put Janis in? I am tired of hearing he isn’t ready, wake up McCarthy, it looks to me like Jones and Adams are the ones not ready, Something has to change and if you don’t do it soon this team will be watching from home in the postseason. Perillo was a pleasant surprise this game and he deserves more time on the field. Cobb is suppose to be the #1 now but he has been disappointing as well, I know Jordy was a big loss but he is not the reason these receivers are playing so bad. As for the run game we all saw that it’s not only Lacy who can’t run with this o line. James Starks was stopped by a very bad Lions defense as well – time for these guys to take a long look in the mirror and ask where their mojo went because they don’t resemble anything close to the line of last season!

Streaks? I am so tired of the media talking about streaks. They talked about Rodgers not throwing an interception and he did – then it was how long since they lost two in a row and they did. So this game all week it was about Detroit has not won in Lambeau in how many years and they did so lets talk about the last time they lost 4 in a row or 5,6,7 because if McCarthy don’t change things these streaks will all be broken! Bottom line the team is regressing each week instead of improving.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

Maybe the outcome would have been different if the refs were calling the PI’s this game because I saw at least 6 which should have been called but they can’t rely on refs to either win or lose the game for them they must go out and execute.

The defense played very well this game other than a few plays they kept the game within reach so all the fire Capers fans can relax this week.

Special teams has been improved but this game they also took a few steps back, the kick off return coming out in the second half set the tone for the most part the rest of the game, and while I don’t want to put the blame on Crosby for the loss his FG attempt to win was just disgusting to say the least.

Well I for one am sick from this loss it has me doubting the future of this team on whether they’re capable of righting the ship so to speak. It all starts with McCarthy and rolls down hill and there is a lot to be fixed I just hope McCarthy swallows his pride and admits the changes he made were a mistake and corrects them before it’s to late. I have to be honest and say next week I have to pick the Viking to win especially the way they played against the 1-7 Lions. I hope I’m wrong and they can turn it around but either way I am and always will be a Packer fan I love this team but it’s very hard to feel good about what’s going on.

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