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I will mix the R&R up this time since I don’t have a lot to rant about~

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

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The Packers wanted to start fast so through the first quarter of the season they’re now 4-0 “check“. The Packers wanted to beat Seattle “check“. They wanted to play better special teams “check“. And the final chip to get off their shoulders was beating the 49ers which they did yesterday with a 17-3 victory “check“.

The defense was stout in this game, sacking Kaepernick 6 times and holding their offense to 196 yards. I was very pleased with the way the secondary played this game – besides one big play they defended any deep ball CK attempted one of which was intercepted by Sam Shields to basically close out any chance the Niners had to come back. Anytime you can hold a team to 3 points you know you played a good defensive game, so let’s give Capers some credit this game since everyone wants head when they have a bad one! Personally, I think Capers is one of the best DC’s in the business the only beef I have with him is not playing for 60 minutes when they get a lead but this game he kept the pressure on the whole game.

Clock management was a little better this game not having to burn up their timeouts early with mental errors and personnel changes, Eddie Lacy didn’t get a 100 yards but he was close, 90 yards 5.0 average and the Packers killed the last 4 minutes of the game without throwing the ball once, that alone shows the impact Eddie brings to this team, granted Starks is part of it also but it’s Eddie who brings the respect in the run game. Rodgers didn’t have his best game but he was able to go 22 of 32, 224 yards, one touchdown and a 99.0 passer rating. But even though he didn’t have the dominant game we have all come to expect,” We are Spoiled“. He made enough plays when it counted, the first TD was amazing the way he used his legs to buy time before hitting R. Rodgers then later in the game tossing a 38 yards strike to J.Jones, it’s plays like those we are accustomed to seeing. How about Kuuuuuhnnn scoring his first TD of the season? Loved seeing him get the call.

Even though this was not a pretty game it was a win, with the next two games at home they have a very good chance to go 6-0 going into the bye week but don’t look past this next game, the Rams beat the Seahawks and Cardinals two of the top teams in the NFC so this one even though it’s at home could be tougher than we think. I believe if this defense can keep playing at a high level there is no team capable of putting up enough points to keep pace with Aaron and the offense.

Well these are a few of my opinions on the game so let us know yours in the comments below or on the Facebook fan page.



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