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The Packers need to take a long look at themselves to figure out what’s going on. The defense has shown they’re capable of stopping Eddie Lacy Packers Running Gameany team for about 3 minutes then they go to sleep. I’m not sure why Dom Capers keeps playing prevent defense when teams are eating them alive each time he tries it – 3rd and 16 and he sends 3 for a pass rush, Why? Then he has them stuck deep on a 3rd down play which would have forced a punt and given them excellent field position and he plays zone instead of blitzing and Newton hits a 20 yard pass in the middle of the field to give them a first down. And when he finally does turn the guys loose in the last five minutes of the game they almost pulled out a win so why not play a full 60 minutes the way they did the last five?

Same goes for Rodgers, he finally started throwing the ball into tight coverage trusting his receivers to make the play and look what happened. Not sure what is going on with this O line they can’t pass block to save their lives lately. Aaron had a chance to score a TD and bring them within two points to tie the game and with a two point conversion send it into overtime, which in my opinion they would have won since the momentum was on their side. But the line broke down so Aaron was forced to throw fast and instead of seeing a wide open Cobb in the corner of the end-zone he tossed an INT trying to hit Rodgers in tight coverage.

It seems like they played better last year when they were banged up, maybe someone should step on Sittons toe ( just kidding ) he is getting beat more these last few games than I can ever remember. Lang is also playing poorly which is a surprise from these two veterans. Linsley is making rookie mistakes now instead of when he was a rookie, Bakhtiari played better this game but he’s still getting beat on pass rush way to often, when it comes down to run blocking they’re very inconsistent.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

I will get bashed for this but Lacy needs to be benched until he gets in the gym to get in shape. Carrying the extra pounds this year has slowed him down to a crawl he has no burst to hit holes like he used to, I say let Stark’s be the #1 and let Harris be #2 until Eddie drops the weight. I wanted to give him the benefit of doubt with a sore ankle but even he says it’s fine.

Let’s talk about play calling, the Pack gets right back into the game with an INT from Randall and Clements calls two run plays with time running out. Why?  They were just getting momentum and he kills it with running the ball for little to no gain, I know you have to mix it up but come on even the announcers were like “What the heck are they doing?” Once again they used two timeouts for being out of sync which could of come in handy at the end of the game, I know a lot of people complained about McCarthy’s play calling last year but personally I would like to see him regain the role and get this offense back to where it was, I was reading in the comments section on a lot of packer posts how everyone wants Capers head again this always happens when they lose. I for one have defended him many times but these last three games it makes it very hard to do, over 1400 yards in three games is unacceptable, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere for some fresh idea’s because the way he is calling games now will be the team’s demise down the road.

Well they have the Lions at home next week which should be a easy win but even with a win I think most will say they can only beat bad teams, the Vikings are tied at 6-2 right now and in two weeks when they play it could be for the sole possession of the NFC North, hopefully they can get this teams shortcomings figured out before the matchup.
Well I could go on and on about what’s disturbing about this team as of late but would like to hear from you so comment below and/or on the FB homepage and don’t forget to give us a #GoPackGo

Thanks Jeff

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