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The loss to the Vikings is just another prime example of why McCarthy should never have made changes in his coaching staff. I have been saying all year, even when they were 6-0 the offense was not the same with Bennett as their offensive coordinator. It’s too late to change things back to the way it was last year but if Murphy don’t step in and make Thompson and McCarthy accountable for their mistake this offense will be doomed again next season. Van Pelt is obviously no WR coach by the way they have struggled this year so Bennett needs to be demoted back to be their coach again because he definitely is no OC!Packers vs Vikings 2015

The defense once again kept the game close but Rodgers played like rookie QB which is surprising for a two time MVP. Everyone wants to blame the receivers for not getting open or the O line for not blocking and they’re partially to blame but no one wants to admit Rodgers is not playing like he normally does. Watch him closely this year and do it without blinders on and you will see he is half the QB he’s been in years past. Not only has he missed passes he normally makes but his reads on defenses have been off as well. Ever since he started his hard count to draw teams offsides he seems to have lost the concentration for reading the D and making adjustments at the line for the play called. He needs to read and adjust or just go ahead and get the play off instead of all this trickery BS which teams have figured out and is not working anyway!

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense


I hate to say this but Washington is playing their best football which is a hell of a lot better than the Packers right now so this game could be a one and done. Personally I think they would have been better off winning this game and playing the Vikings again but it didn’t work out. On a high note the Packers home field advantage this year was on vacation and they play better on the road so maybe losing was a blessing in disguise. Now they will have to play road games to make it to the big dance unless Seattle beats the Vikings and Carolina and the Pack beats Washington and Arizona then they would play a home game against the Hawks for the NFC title. Think about that, while it would be great to exact revenge on the Seahawks in a title game it would be played in Lambeau where they can’t seem to win this year! Bottom line they better start playing offense if they want to prove they’re a championship team on whatever field they step on. Notice I said playing offense and not playing offense better? That’s because they have not played offense this year at all, defense is the only reason this team has won any game this season!

Eddie and James have been off and on with the run game so maybe a spark is needed there as well so why not play Crockett and see what he can do? I don’t mean a few carries either I mean let him get 20 plus carries! Same with the receivers I am so tired of Adams running slow routes and dropping the ball so play Abby and Janis and Rodgers need to look their way and maybe they can be the spark this team needs!


In my opinion even if the Pack wins the SB this year some changes need to be made with the OC and WR coaches and they will also need to address the O line and TE spot in the draft this year! R. Rodgers is reliable with his hands but he has to be the slowest TE in the league! Since Q’s return his name has not come up once so he is pretty much done after this season.

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