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lombardi 1Packers fans will feel the sting of this loss for the entire off-season. But sometimes, you have to look at things from a different angle to gain perspective. I was heart broken like everyone else last night and wanted all the coaching staff to be fired, but putting it in perspective, it was a great season for the most part and I feel blessed to be a Packers fan.


You would think with a loss I would have a ton but the players actually did a very good job this game right up to the end. Coach McCarthy needs to open his playbook and rip out all the pages that have prevent in them playing not to lose seems to have bad results.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

This defense had the Hawks shutout for 30 minutes by playing aggressive football but came out for the second half with a new game plan “Prevent” and we all see how it worked out.

Mike McCarthy Contract ExtensionI wanted all coaching staff fired last night but in reality there is only one that deserves it actually and that’s the special teams coach Shawn Slocum. This has been a weakness all year for the team and Slocum has not figured out how to repair the issues so maybe it’s time to find someone that can.

I know Bostick is feeling bad as he should because he did not do his job. If he had, then he would have blocked the guy who recovered the onside kick and let Nelson catch the ball instead. That would have essentially ended the game as the Packers could have run out the clock to win but it did not work out that way.

Also, did anyone notice Matthews went out of the game towards the end? It was said he hurt his leg but he stood on the sideline to watch the end of the game! If his leg was hurt that bad why was he not on the bench getting it worked on? Aaron Rodgers played 3 games with a torn calf because he knew how important these game were but Matthews could not finish a very important game that was almost over with his injured leg! Sorry but the man just showed me he is not as tough as people make him out to be!


The players have nothing to be ashamed of they played awesome football this game and did exactly what the coaches asked them to do even if it was the wrong game plan.

This was a great year with the exception of a few games where they let some easy wins slip away but they proved they are a team that can beat anyone.

The defense held the super bowl champs to 0 points for 30 minutes and that alone was a great accomplishment. I for one think if Capers or McCarthy which ever made the call to change the game plan to prevent defense the second half would have kept them on a all attack defense for the last 30 minutes they would have come away with the win.

The offense proved they could move the ball this game and even though the red zone scoring was not what we all would have liked they did do enough to win the game. Again it was just bad play calling that cost them the win. I don’t have the answer to why McCarthy gets soft when big games are on the line but his play calling has issues that need to be looked into.

Capers call on 3rd and 19 to rush 3 players was the turning point in the game in my opinion. If he sends the house along with the kitchen sink to make Wilson either try to run for the first down or make a fast pass for it, I do not believe they make it and the packers force a 4th down try or a punt which could have been the dagger. As I said prevent does not work out too well, especially against good teams. Play to win instead of playing not to lose!

Well the season is over and it feels like it was way too short but now the management has a lot of work to do getting some personnel issues straightened out. I believe they need to get Cobb signed to a contract first and foremost along with a few others that will be free agents this year. In my opinion, AJ Hawk may have played his last game with the Packers. Brad Jones made one good play this game but it still does not make up for the year he had and he needs to be let go. Sam Barrington should be the ILB for next year and if Bradford has not progressed into his side-kick then they need to go after one in the draft this year.

Ok I have released a little frustration but I still feel sick about this game. But I also know this team Americas Packwill come back next year and I will be excited to root for the team I love, And above all, I hope I have achieved some much needed “Perspective”.

Enjoy the off-season and see ya all next year.

Go Pack Go!



Brady Augustine is co-owner and content creator for www.greenbaypackernation.com. He currently resides in Tennessee and also conspires with brother, JR on www.cheesnewswire.com

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