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R&R: Rants and Raves, Packers V Saints

The outcome was not what we would have liked but the game itself was exactly what everyone knew it would be, A shootout between two great QB’s. I said if the game came down to this it could go either way and would come down to who made the most mistakes. Low and behold it was our beloved Packers.

I am gonna put blame on the team as a whole actually, Along with coaching, The offense had 5 drives that got into the red zone and all the offense could get was 9 points. When your team is getting FG’s and the opponent is scoring TD’s the chances are you will lose the game. Would the outcome have been different if they score TD’s on the 3 red zones FG’s? I do know if the score is 28-16 going into the half the team comes out with a better chance of getting the Saints into a one dimensional game. As it was their game plan was just better than the Packers and in the second half it was just too much for Capers defense to stop. It seems when the offense plays well and puts up points this defense plays better but when they struggle so does the defense.
Play calling, Where to start? While I like to see McCarthy change it up and try things to improve their chances of winning there is a time to do this and I for one don’t think the onside kick was one of MM’s wisest calls being that early in the game. And 4th & 1 let me see if I am a defense who am I gonna stack up for? “Lacy” and thats exactly what they did and thats exactly the play McCarthy called! Come on Mike if you’re gonna try new things then do it at the right time! Maybe a play action screen would have got a yard since it did net Lacy 123 yards total in this game! But Maybe Mike is like the players, When things get tough they don’t make the best decisions. I saw way too many blown coverages and even more missed tackles. Speaking of the screen it was nice to see it make an appearance once again, It has been absent since preseason!
Losing TJ Lang was a big hit in the run game, While Taylor did a so so job filling in he is not the player Lang is. Did this have a big part of losing this game? I would have to say “Yes”. With that said what is this team going to do going forward if Lang is lost for the year? I don’t believe Taylor is the answer, Just as Sherrod was not the answer at tackle. McCarthy has said he thinks this is one of his best O lines in years but the depth is not so great if you ask me.
Bottom line is the Packers got out played in the second half by the better team last night. All we can do is hope they heal up and come back after the bye to play better.
But what do you think? Leave me your thoughts in the comments section below.
Go Pack Go!