Seahawks Fans Be Trippin…What Do You Think Packernation?

This was the reaction to the Cheese’s meme about the Fail Mary…Seahawks fans be trippin Packernation! I sbwould LOVE to hear what Packernation has to say to this guy! Here is what he said in response to the infamous “Fail Mary”. You can see the meme he was talking about here.

“Let’s stay in the present cheese man… You have 1 this century… Were you alive for Bart Starr? lol…. Get real… Oh,and get smacked down opening night… Learn to Beat San Fran first before you talk about beating the champs”

“Keep talking about revenge when you should be talking about how horrible your all world QB was that Monday night… the fail Mary wouldn’t have meant shit if your team put up more than 12 points.!!! Lmao..bahahahaha!!!!”

I want your opinion packernation…should we ban this guy or let him stay on and embarrass himself? Leave a comment and let me know! If you guys decide to ban him…HE IS BANNED!!!

Hey Packernation...should we let this Seahawks fan stay on our page???

  • Yeah...let him stay...we could use the amusement! (57%, 416 Votes)
  • No...ban him! (43%, 313 Votes)

Total Voters: 729

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Seahawks Fans Be Trippin…What Do You Think Packernation? — 15 Comments

  1. Ok, this chowderhead talks smack about the Pack only winning 1 championship this century….Ok, he’s right there. But Seattle has also only one one this century…..wait a minute….only one in 48 years! What a clown. As I tell all my Steeler fan neighbors…you got 6 but come back and talk smack when you hit 13! Lifetime Packer fan!!!! Since Mr. Starr! I may live in Pennsylvania but I bleed Green and Gold!

    • Sure…one this century if you mean since 2000…but, the Packers have more Championships than ANY team in the NFL period. 13 World Championships.

  2. Hey guys like that are just fresh meat, PLEASE let him stay. BIG bullseye on those comments and if we can’t out-comment, out-write and otherwise out-anything him we’re the ones that should be (self)banned!

  3. I’m a lifelong Pacific NW native, but have also been a lifelong Packer fan. I DID see the Ice Bowl on TV, and I DO remember Bart Starr. Where was Mr. HeeHawk Fan when Desmond ran that punt back in the Kingdome? I was there, and as I recall, “the 12th Man” had already left the building, since they were getting their asses handed to them. Props to Seattle for finally getting off the deck and clambering their way to a title. As a famous coach once said, “Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.” The HeeHawks are about to find out how difficult it is to repeat, starting on Opening Day, 2014. Let’s tee it up.

  4. Well, let him blabber on and on. He’s got a good team, those come and go….. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s 13-1 packers… No I wasn’t around for Bart Starr, but he’s getting all excited about a team with as much history as today’s news paper. Time will tell, buddy. Remember that you beat the packers with replacement refs too. How about you stop worrying so much about us right now and get ready for what’s ahead.

    Until then he can suck on a cheesy dick. Haha go pack go

  5. oh and before that fail mary to end the game the seahawks spent the previous 47 minutes only scoring 7 points so this guys an idiot

  6. Eh, keep him around; this is what makes it fun. It’s not gonna be so fun on a fateful Thursday night when his Seahawks don’t back up his smack talk – but leading up to this game it’s going to be great!

  7. I say let him stay on board. He’s just gloating. Seahawk fans have been waiting DECADES for a title (any title for that matter). Anyway, when he starts to feel the pain when the Seahawks crumble, get their a**es handed back to them time and time again, and re-live their past practices, he’ll clam-up and disappear…OR, MAYBE…become a Packer Backer in the end. If, he continues to talk smack and dis the Green & Gold, then dump him. For now, let’s play with his mind. Remember, the successes of the Green Bay Packers will FOREVER live in his head rent-free and that annoy’s him. P.S. I watched the Ice Bowl when I was a kid and Bart Starr is still one of my favorite Packers.

  8. I say leave him. It will be soooo much more fun beating the shit out of him after his team tanks. His squad had their 15 mins. We had 15 mins 13 times!!!!! Witch of course every other fan seems to forget… Go Pack Go!

  9. I say let him stay. I think he’s really a Chicago Bears fan but since his team (Da Bears) haven’t won a Super Bowl since Abe Lincoln was president, he is like so many other Bear’s fans and jumps ship and becomes a fan of whatever team wins the Super Bowl so he can “feel & taste” the sweetness of being a champion. He’s the kind of guy who has never won at anything in his entire life, he even got knocked out fighting an “image” that appeared in the mirror. Those “Da Bear’s fans” do some strange shit to try and steal or “cheese”.

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