Seahawks Fans Be Trippin…What Do You Think Packernation?

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This was the reaction to the Cheese’s meme about the Fail Mary…Seahawks fans be trippin Packernation! I sbwould LOVE to hear what Packernation has to say to this guy! Here is what he said in response to the infamous “Fail Mary”. You can see the meme he was talking about here.

“Let’s stay in the present cheese man… You have 1 this century… Were you alive for Bart Starr? lol…. Get real… Oh,and get smacked down opening night… Learn to Beat San Fran first before you talk about beating the champs”

“Keep talking about revenge when you should be talking about how horrible your all world QB was that Monday night… the fail Mary wouldn’t have meant shit if your team put up more than 12 points.!!! Lmao..bahahahaha!!!!”

I want your opinion packernation…should we ban this guy or let him stay on and embarrass himself? Leave a comment and let me know! If you guys decide to ban him…HE IS BANNED!!!

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