Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

I made the comment before this year’s draft that this may be the year that Green Bay gets another late round imgressteal. And while I am with everyone who is excited about the Adams and Abbrederis picks (very excited), I am keeping my eye on Jeff Janis as a possible seventh rounder who could become Donald Driver-like in production. While Driver came out of Alcorn State but had freakish athleticism, Janis has a big body but with 4.4 speed, he can develop into a very good player on a team that already has the pieces in place but has shown the ability to use weapons in mass when they were available.

Notice, however, that I said he could develop into a great player. I don’t expect Janis to flash greatness immediately. He needs to nuance his route running and learn Packer toughness catching in the face of hard hitting safeties. There is a transition coming from a Division II school to the pros and whether my prediction comes true will depend a lot on Janis’ ability to learn and transition. But this is part of what I like about the guy, he’s an underdog. I think the setup is right for Janis to become a force in the NFL:

  • He’s friends with Abbrederis – team chemistry is already there.
  • He comes into the NFL at a time where the rules are weighted toward receivers scoring touchdowns. That means his speed and size can be VERY useful as he learns the pro game.
  • He comes to the Packers…a team with all the pieces in place on offense…especially a quarterback that throws the prettiest ball in the game. This means he will have stiff competition but I think his athleticism is rare and that will show.
  • The Packers are a team that commits itself to its draft picks and developmental players and while I think Janis can contribute right away, I believe he will develop into something special.

Of course, as with all draft picks, only time will tell if Jeff Janis becomes another great Packer player and I am always hesitant to relate a draft pick to one of our all time greatest Packer People (Donald Driver) but at the same time, it is healthy to believe in a kid who worked hard and saw his dream come true when he was drafted by the Packers in the seventh round. I am pullin’ for this kid…

Go Pack!


Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

2 thoughts on “Seek Ye Out The Diamond In The Rough

  • May 15, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    I am very happy the Packers drafted Jeff Janis! I know how hard Jeff has worked in high school and college to get the chance to play in the NFL!!! Jeff is living his dream! The Packers and their fans will be convinced real soon that Jeff Janis IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

  • May 16, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Yes indeed. I can’t help but think, “If D3 Billy Schroeder could get a decade in the NFL, certainly Jeff Janis can make it.”


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