So They Say “May The Best Team Win”…But Not Always

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Aaron RodgersThe old saying doesn’t always hold true. A Packers team that seemed to once again take their foot off the gas and fall apart both in the redzone and in the second half was in many ways the better team. This will likely be the most disappointing Super Bowl for the fact that our beloved Packers won’t be playing and the AFC representative is a team we had already beaten.

It is sad to me that Seattle had to rely on their punter, ex-Packer Jon Ryan, to throw a touchdown pass. I am sure Seahawks players and fans are satisfied with that kind of a win, but not Packers fans. As horrifying as it was to see our team not seal the deal when they had the game in hand…to the tune of one…just one first down, it is just downright pathetic to see a team that should be cleaning out their lockers take the Packers rightful spot in the Super Bowl.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

We are disappointed, but not devastated. We are down, but we are not out. While this season did not end the way we wanted it to, we are still Packers fans and very soon we will once again bring the Vince Lombardi trophy home. Yes…we fell. And yes…we will get back up!

I complete our series of Immortal Inspiration with one final quote from Vince Lombardi. I choose this because it is both an indictment of those who did not do enough, who may have let themselves and their team-mates down, but it also speaks to the fact that we will never give up in our pursuit of perfection…even if it only breeds excellence. The sun never sets on Packernation, and we will never quit cheering on our team. There will be more young, untested players added to this team this year and they will know from the start that they are in the company of champions past, present, and future because this team will embody the words of the greatest coach of all time:

lombardi final

Go Pack!



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