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Rumor Mill: Packers Looking to Add a Wide Receiver

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There have been rumors that the Packers have been serious about adding a veteran wide receiver this offseason. Am I the only one scratchin' my head over that? Names being dropped include Wes Welker and Greg Jennings saw fit to mention that he was open to a reconciliation with the Packers. The Jennings story sounds more like Greg desperately seeking another contract, willing to retract everything he ever said about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers in hopes of making some more money and having a chance to get another ring.  (more…)

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Free Agency in Four Hours: The Packers Sitch

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Free agency is just a few short hours away and the picture will quickly become clear as to where Ndomokong Suh will end up and whether Frank Gore will bail on a supposed deal with Philadelphia to go to the Colts. Packers fans, however, are going to be very closely watching Green Bay's free agent situation as there are still key free agents that the Packers will have to make decisions on and deals with. Here's the sitch: (more…)

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Is ILB Really A 1st Round Must?

  2 years ago     97 Views     3 Comments  

Most fans are thinking inside linebacker should be the position that is addressed in the first round, Let me explain why I stated in my last post the reason it is not as crucial as most people think. To start with, let's take a look at the returning players from last year: AJ Hawk Aj Hawk came clean at the end of the season about playing with ankle spurs that required surgery. This would explain his less than par performance last year and if this surgery can give him back the speed he needs then his experience alone is a big…

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Carl Davis: Another Possibility for the Pack

  2 years ago     90 Views     1 Comment  

With many in Packernation hoping for a top inside linebacker in this year's draft, it is almost painful to think of the possibility that none of the top three ILB's are still on the board. Could the Packers get help there in later rounds? This draft is not deep in ILB's but Ted Thompson has found late round gems before. (more…)

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It’s NEVER Too Early: Part 2

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With the NFL Combine right around the corner, GPN begins a new series outlining some of the college players that may be available when Green Bay picks at number 30. This list will then help us focus on the Combine results of those same players as we continue to anticipate the Packers' young additions for the upcoming season. Benardrick McKinney is another player that could make an immediate impact on the Green Bay Packers if he is available at pick number 30. Though many expect McKinney to be taken in the middle of the first round, we learned last year…

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