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It’s Not Over ‘Til It’s Over

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The year was 2003. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for the Packers and the Packers were on the fast track to packing their cleats up for another season. Then... The first of two plays that will always rank among the most exciting in my history with the Packers happened. I was sitting alone in my living room, slumped into my chair and watching the game (as usual). The Packers defense was dominating the Denver Broncos and Brett was slinging the rock as well as ever. But, it didn't matter. The Packers needed a win but they also needed the…

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Packers in London in 2016: Fulfilling Two Passions at Once

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You've probably heard the news that the Packers may be playing an away game in London in 2016. For me, traveling to such a game would fulfill two passions at once. I'd get to attend a Packer game I'd get to experience another culture You probably already know how much I love the Packers. In fact, you wouldn't be reading this right now if not for my love of this game and this team. But, you may not know that I also love learning about other cultures. This game would have it all. (more…)

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