Packers’ Top 5 Draft Needs

With the Pro Bowl in the rear-view mirror, and the Super Bowl almost here, Packers fans are already looking forward to the 2018 draft. There are many reasons to for excitement and optimism but also concerns for a team that has some gaps to fill, question marks, and a brand new GM who will be running his very first draft. While Brian Gutekunst has plenty of experience in draft situations, and has learned from one of the most thorough GM’s in the league for years, this is still a new experience and also a very important draft for the Packers who are moving forward with a much different coaching staff. One subtext that I am hearing so far in the press conferences that is one that was largely avoided during the Ted Thompson era is the way in which “team needs” may fit into the draft process under Gutekunst. Both he and new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine have touched (ever so slightly to be fair) on the topic of team needs in their press conferences. This hints that perhaps team need will be a larger consideration moving forward in Packers’ drafts. And while I believe that Ted Thompson was right in saying that a team is mistaken when it takes a lesser player just because that player is at a “position of need”, I also think the counterbalance argument is that a team is mistaken to take a slightly better player who will not even have a chance to see the field for several years barring injury or perhaps on special teams.

So what are the Packers’ biggest draft needs right now? This is my list of 5 and I will try to factor in the possibility of free agent moves/decisions.  More