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3 Statements For Aaron Rodgers Critics: CLICK To Chime In

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Wow! Apparently Dennis Dodd and Lance Briggs think they get to choose who Aaron Rodgers roots for in the NCAA tournament. Well, I disagree. And I have a few things to say about Aaron's attendance at recent Badgers games. I love  that Aaron has supported and even made friends with young Badger players who reside in Aaron Rodgers's state of residence. Here are some Twitter snapshots that illustrate just how presumptuous some people can be.  (more…)

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Just Gotta Say…Aaron Rodgers is a CLASS ACT

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We have all seen the pictures of Aaron Rodgers with Olivia Munn at the recent Badgers games. And The Cheese even had some fun with that, but seeing Aaron at the Badgers versus Arizona game just made me think about what a class act Aaron Rodgers is.  (more…)

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