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Prospect Profile: Andrew Billings

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When BJ Raji decided to take a hiatus from football, the Packers' draft situation changed. With the four game suspension of Mike Pennel, the Packers may very well look to bolster the defensive front in a draft that is strong in interior defensive linemen. Here's one prospect to keep an eye on. (more…)

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PackerNation POLL: 3 Confounding Factors for the Packers’ Pick

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Prognosticators and pundits alike are squarely focused on the upcoming draft in 43 days. With free agency once again coming and going, the Packers' initial pick, in particular could be crucial but rather than coming into greater focus, the Packers draft situation seems rather foggy. Several questions come into play and must be on the mind of many in PackerNation. While we know that Ted Thompson will be focused on getting his board right, he is very good at keeping that information close to his vest, and that leaves a bunch of prospects out there that the Packers could pick…

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Total Respect to BJ Raji

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The BJ Raji story just gets more interesting the deeper it goes. Earlier today, it seemed like a simple retirement story...now we find that BJ has the team's best in mind. I have a lot of respect for a guy who turned down an offer sheet because he was not sure his heart was 100% into the game any more. So many players would take the check and play as hard as they felt like, but that does a disservice to the team. (more…)

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YOU Be The GM: 3 Defensive Decisions for Packernation

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There is little question that the Packers' defense carried the team this year. With an offense struggling to find any identity and scoring an average of a full touchdown a game less than they did last year, the Packers' only hope was to find a dominant defensive identity and they did that...thanks to key players, some of whom are slated to hit the free agent market at the end of the contract year.  (more…)

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