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Hot Read: Mike McCarthy Press Conference

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Mike McCarthy addressed the press moments ago. Here is a rundown of the highlights in case you missed the live conference. Injuries: The lion's share of the questions were¬†about injuries. Coach McCarthy explained that with it being Friday, they would have meetings and that he was hoping for continued good news on the injury front. Here is a quick rundown: Datone Jones was out of practice yesterday, according to the coach for "a very positive personal reason". Coach McCarthy wanted Jones to be able to make that news known in his own time and his own way. TJ Lang is…

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Thursday Can’t Come Soon Enough

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Thursday night slates the Packers against the Patriots in a preseason game to which the Packers will have to travel. The preseason is important and risky in that while nobody wants to see any player injured, the coaching staff has to have tape on the young players to help make decisions and move forward with roster cuts. For my part, I just want to see these guys get on the field and start to get a sense of how good this team can be. The Patriots will be a good test when (as limited as it may be) the ones…

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3 Takeaways From Family Night

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Family Night has once again come and gone and the 2015 season draws ever closer. While the scrimmage is no longer, the Family Night practice gives Packernation a chance to see the team take the field at Lambeau and run through some drills, put a ball in a basket from 45 yards, and make a Lambeau Leap or six. But Family Night was serious business for us here at GPN, because we got to watch the development of some players we've had our eyes on. Here are three takeaways from the practice. (more…)

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Will BJ Raji Return to Championship Form?

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Yesterday NFL.com reported that B.J. Raji is down to 327 lbs. According to Raji himself, his weight hasn't been that low since college. Is this just an interesting tidbit of information or does it mean more for the Packers 2015 campaign? (more…)

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Positions to Watch as Camp Comes to a Close

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With training camp in full swing, all the hype is focused on special teams and the defensive backs but there are other concerns that we should be watching. One concern, in my opinion, is the average (and below average at times) defensive line. Ted Thompson has been a guru at drafting receivers and other positions but when it comes to defensive linemen he has only hit on a select few that lived up to their draft status.   Concern #1 the defensive line Mike Daniels is one of Thompson's better picks but it's hard to point out others. I know…

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