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From “Hail Mary” to “Hail YEAH!”: You’re Gonna Love This Packer Nation

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Packers fans know that they are fans of the greatest sports organization on the planet. There is just something about the team that not only owns the most championships, but also is owned by the fans. Packer Nation is the greatest sports nation around. One of the many reasons for this is quarterbacks that the Packers have fielded. Three in particular come to mind in Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers. In this video the two most recent of those are shown in all their splendor and as for Aaron Rodgers, he still has years of elite play ahead…

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Brett Favre Throws One Last TD…His HOF Speech

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A lot of talk has been about how Brett Favre set yet one more record during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony last night...a record for the longest Hall of Fame induction speech. His words were less prepared than, perhaps those of Tony Dungy or Ed DeBartolo but three things were very clear at the end of Brett's 36 minute speech. (more…)

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Donald Driver Pens Heartfelt Letter to Brett Favre

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Brett Favre is minutes away from taking his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But just yesterday I had a discussion with PackerNation about how much one relatively unknown receiver means to me and today he penned a letter to Brett Favre that embodies his thankfulness and, yes, secures him once again as the epitome of "Packer People". The letter was written by Donald Driver, long ago Driver was a seventh round pick and spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers. Driver was known for his athletic ability and his beaming smile and today he shed…

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