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Brett Favre: We Knew This Day Would Come

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It comes as no surprise that Brett Favre has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And as a Packer, he can be about as proud as any to have his jersey retired and his bronze bust in Canton. Congratulations Brett, we are proud to call you one of ours. You bled green and gold for so many years and endured injury and heartache making each game special and giving us a chance to win¬†every time you took the field. We in Packernation have been blessed to have so many great players and you, sir, are certainly one…

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R&R Packers/Bears

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I am sick to my stomach, this loss is unacceptable on so many levels it's not funny. The offensive play calling was horrible in the second half and the execution looked more like a team of high school players. Davante Adams should be put on the bench until he learns how to catch. When is McCarthy going to use Janis? The kid is a play-maker and they are wasting his abilities sitting on the bench. I have said this many times and I'm tired of hearing "He is not ready"... BS! It looks to me like Adams is the one…

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We Remember You Part 2: Brett Favre

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If, as hoped, three great Packers quarterbacks will be on the field today, this will be so much more than a game. On this special day, this Thanksgiving Day, we have much to be thankful for. Packernation will see, front and center, how thankful we should be for three great quarterbacks, all of whom have led the team to championships. I will be writing about them in three parts today. Part 2 is about Brett Favre, and if I had all day I don't think I could compile all the memories all the experiences - some good, some bad...all passionate¬†that…

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McCarthy Press Conference Recap

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Mike McCarthy addressed the press moments ago about the Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Chicago Bears. The conference is a prelude to a much anticipated celebration at Lambeau Field. The ceremonial unveiling of Brett Favre's retired jersey and the possible presence of Packers legend Bart Starr add to the festive feel of the most played rivalry in the NFL, the Packers versus the Bears in a rare Thanksgiving Day meeting. When the dust clears, the Packers hope to notch a second Division win in a row and continue to steer the ship toward another NFC North title. (more…)

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