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Brett Hundley Engages Afterburners in Pre-Season

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When the Packers drafted Brett Hundley, I was thrilled. Most were dumbfounded that Thompson would go after a QB but I loved the pick. Still, I figured he would be a work in progress. I expected that he would sit behind Aaron Rodgers while he developed into a quality quarterback. Brett, on the other hand, decided that he was too impatient for the long approach and decided to impress right out of the gates. (more…)

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Saints

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I will not rant or rave about this game because the starters were sidelined so the young players could show what they've got. This was their chance to put on film the talents they learned up to this point, for 22 of them it will be their resume to make a case on another team, Thompson and McCarthy have to cut the 75 man roster to 53 by 3pm Saturday so a lot of talented young players will be getting that dreaded message they are wanted in the coach's office. But there will be 10 of those 22 getting a…

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Hundley, White Shine in Finale

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The Packers preseason so far has been up and down. The final preseason game is a final chance for rookies to stand out but in this case, it was also a chance for some returning players to show that they belong. The game against the Saints delivered in both categories. After the last two games, Packers fans wanted a win even though the scores and standings don't matter in the preseason. There are definitely still question marks, but the Packers did show that they have some depth in dominating the Saints from the beginning of the second quarter on. (more…)

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The Rookie Grows Up Quick

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Game three of the preseason looked a lot more like a preseason game... Pretty ugly. But, there was one thing I had a heap of fun watching. That was Brett Hundley. (more…)

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