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Proof-Positive Preseason Games Aren’t Meaningless

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Every time the preseason rolls around there are naysayers who decry the games as meaningless. While I understand what they mean (the score is meaningless and the win/loss is meaningless). But, the games are far from meaningless. The Packers' preseason game against the Patriots is a perfect example. (more…)

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AM Quickslant: Think Out of the Box With Brett Hundley

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Yesterday, the Packers signed QB Brett Hundley. Most of the Packers blogosphere, fans, and the national news media expect this to be the last we hear of the kid (as far as regular season gameplay) until he is traded or moves on. The timeline is not quite right for Hundley to be a successor to Aaron Rogers and the kid has way too much still to prove. While I agree that Hundley, though not entirely developmental, is largely so...I would like to see him on the field....with Aaron Rodgers. (more…)

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