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YOU Be The GM: 3 Defensive Decisions for Packernation

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There is little question that the Packers' defense carried the team this year. With an offense struggling to find any identity and scoring an average of a full touchdown a game less than they did last year, the Packers' only hope was to find a dominant defensive identity and they did that...thanks to key players, some of whom are slated to hit the free agent market at the end of the contract year.  (more…)

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Packernation Poll: Head to Head

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The Packers' defense is a bit in flux this offseason. If there is one worry Packernation has about the 2015 team, it is the defense. In particular, the cornerback and inside linebacker positions have plenty of hopefuls...and plenty of question marks. Which position group do you think (more…)

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A Big Question Mark

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The Packers' defense came out of free agency minus a few household names. The exit of AJ Hawk and Tramon Williams was not entirely unexpected as each of those players had lost a step (or, as some would say...never had that step in the first place). Tramon Williams, to me, had been living on his veteran savvy in spite of his age for a second year in a row and the Seattle game in particular cast that fact in sharp relief on the TV screens of Packers fans everywhere. But there was more to the story than Tramon Williams. (more…)

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CLICK to PICK: You Grade the Selection – Quinten Rollins

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The first two picks for the Packers this year were defensive backs. With the departure of Tramon Williams and Davon House in free agency, this fact should reassure Packers fans who knew all along that Ted Thompson would not draft for need. The cornerback position was strong in this year's draft and the Packers seemed to agree with these first two picks.  (more…)

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UnPACK the Play: Clay Matthews’ Sacks Kyle Orton

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The Packers defense did enough to win in this game, holding the Bills to just 19 points until yet another safety (by rule) gave them 21. Funny...I said that I feared this game would be too similar to the Lions game and another safety...hmmm. But let's take a look at Clay Matthews' sack up close. It all starts with down and distance. This is a 3rd and 17 which means Dom Capers can put on a high risk/high reward defensive play and try to get to Kyle Orton before a receiver gets far enough downfield. In case of a catch,…

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