Combine Players to Watch Part One: Defense

The NFL Combine starts tomorrow kicking off draft-mania that has already been brewing since Packer Nation realized that they won’t have to stay up until midnight to hear their first round pick (or trade) named on April 26. This gathering is part Laff Olympics, part psychological evaluation kicked off with a lot of testing, poking and prodding by numerous doctors. While the results guarantee that the NFL has something to keep fans interested in and talking about, the actual translation to the sport of football may be minimal (at least the direct translation to football) and GM’s across the league will still have tough decisions to make. Be that as it may, the Combine is fun…it is. We get to see young potential stars talking together and competing against each other and the clock. GM’s get to watch with their coaching staff’s and discuss the players as they perform in front of them. And…there’s news. Yes, there’s NFL news for the first time since the Super Bowl. Press conferences and stories like when Reuben Foster got sent home from the Combine fuel the first expectations of players either rising or falling from their pre-Combine potential spots. Here are three defensive players for Packer Nation to keep an eye on. More