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Packers Can’t Afford to Let Slide Continue

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The Green Bay Packers' offense has been a 3 and out machine lately. But as disappointing as the Lions game was, there were some positives that may help them in this NFC North stretch. A few guys are coming on, and just in time. No matter what the players say about this game being "just the next game", this upcoming Vikings game is critical for the Packers' goals this season and this offense can no longer afford to let the slide continue.  (more…)

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Hot Read: Mike McCarthy Press Conference

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Mike McCarthy addressed the press moments ago. Here is a rundown of the highlights in case you missed the live conference. Injuries: The lion's share of the questions were about injuries. Coach McCarthy explained that with it being Friday, they would have meetings and that he was hoping for continued good news on the injury front. Here is a quick rundown: Datone Jones was out of practice yesterday, according to the coach for "a very positive personal reason". Coach McCarthy wanted Jones to be able to make that news known in his own time and his own way. TJ Lang is…

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Packernation Head to Head Poll: Who Will It Be?

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The Packers are a bit banged up on offense and with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town, that is NOT a good thing. The Chiefs' defense is their strength and the Packers will need to have a good rushing attack to keep the defensive line of the Chiefs honest. A couple of game-time decisions make this an even more interesting matchup in that Packers' running back Eddie Lacy and wide receiver Davante Adams may or may not play. (more…)

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Who’s Two on the Green Bay Packers: 3 Scenarios for the Bears Game

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The Packers take on the Bears in Chicago on Sunday and the Packers wide receiver corps is anything but the "picture of health and completeness" that we were expecting. With Jordy Nelson out, the Packers brought in James Jones and while Randall Cobb is planning to play, a sprained shoulder can't help but hamper him especially when the ball is thrown high. What I want to know is who will end up being the number two in this game. Not the number two on the roster, but number two in impact in the Bears game. We all know that the…

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