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Love Larry McCarren: Love the New Coaching Staff Roles

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Larry McCarren did a nice breakdown of a play (well, plays) that the Packers made against the Patriots that built off each other. The play illustrated the way a coaching staff sequences plays during a game to gain an advantage. The Packers sent Adams and Cobb on crossing routes early in the first series. Later, they gave the defense the same look but instead of crossing Adams and Cobb, they had them split, causing the defender over the top to bite. The play went to Cobb for 18 yards. (more…)

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3 Reasons to Breathe Easier

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If you're like me, you were suprised at how compelling last night's game was from start to finish. Usually, the first pre-season game doesn't feature many starters and then is just about individual play of a few young guys and looking for performers on special teams that give themselves a chance to make the team. Last nights game had all that...and more. (more…)

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What Excited Me About Family Night

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There are a ton of reasons Family Night excites me. Lambeau Field packed to the gills for the first time since the previous season Seeing the guys in full green and gold after a long football drought Getting our first real glimpse into what kind of team we'll be fielding in 2015 But, there was one highlight of the evening that shined above all others for me... Davante Adams' one-handed catch. (more…)

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3 Takeaways From Family Night

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Family Night has once again come and gone and the 2015 season draws ever closer. While the scrimmage is no longer, the Family Night practice gives Packernation a chance to see the team take the field at Lambeau and run through some drills, put a ball in a basket from 45 yards, and make a Lambeau Leap or six. But Family Night was serious business for us here at GPN, because we got to watch the development of some players we've had our eyes on. Here are three takeaways from the practice. (more…)

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A Very Congested Camp: 3 Tiers of Wide Receiver

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The Packers strength at wide receiver, and the addition of another slew of wide receivers in this year and last year's draft has created a very congested camp at the postion. We all know who the top three will be unless something miraculous happens...Nelson, Cobb, and Adams. But after that, the picture gets fuzzy with Jeff Janis back, Jared Abbrederis expecting to be full speed, Myles White, Ty Montgomery, and¬†five¬†undrafted free agents who could prove to be more than just camp legs. The group seems to break into 3 tiers. (more…)

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