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Jeff pre-game prediction

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Most of the so called experts are picking the Lions to win at Lambeau this weekend saying the Packers can't beat their defense! The Packers have had troubles with tough defenses throughout the season when they are on the road, but at home they seem to play a lot better for whatever reason. With this game being at Lambeau, I believe the Packers once again make a statement with a decisive win over Detroit to win their 4th NFC North title in as many years. (more…)

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The Stage is Set

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Well the stage is set for the "Big Game". The Lions will have to come to Lambeau, a place they have not won a game at since 1991 and they get there knowing that they have gotten at least four of their 11 wins by the skin of their teeth in the second half of games that they had every reason to lose.  The Packers, on the other hand, have been sensational at home, beating down opponents and sitting Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines from time to time. The Packers defense has really come into its own recently, and if the…

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Packers are in the Playoffs!

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The Packers got to the playoffs today with a 20-3 win over Tampa Bay. Now, if the Cowboys win or tie, they clinch the NFC East and the Seahawks also clinch a spot with a win or a tie. While it would be nice to see the Seahawks drop one, it seems unlikely against an Arizona team who, though they now hold the top spot in the NFC...also will be fielding their third string quarterback. But for the Packers, the most important thing is to get ready for the Lions. For those of you who got a chance to catch…

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Let’s Hear It For: Sam Barrington

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At the beginning of the season, the Packers were weak against the run. The Chicago game where Matt Forte tromped all over the Packers defense finally convinced the coaching staff that something had to be done. Since that time, the Packers have still given up yards in the running game, but there has been a different attitude. I know that the improvement is usually credited to moving Clay Matthews inside and yes, that was a big part of it. But Sam Barrington has made his presence known and I love how this kid is playing. As a seventh round pick…

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UnPACK the Play: Clay Matthews’ Sacks Kyle Orton

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The Packers defense did enough to win in this game, holding the Bills to just 19 points until yet another safety (by rule) gave them 21. Funny...I said that I feared this game would be too similar to the Lions game and another safety...hmmm. But let's take a look at Clay Matthews' sack up close. It all starts with down and distance. This is a 3rd and 17 which means Dom Capers can put on a high risk/high reward defensive play and try to get to Kyle Orton before a receiver gets far enough downfield. In case of a catch,…

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