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Packers Get A Win In Minnesota

  3 years ago     87 Views     2 Comments  

The Packers had to go to Minnesota and get a win to keep pace with the Detroit Lions. And lo and behold, the Lions lost to the Patriots in big fashion. This sets up a Clash of the Titans so to speak as the Patriots travel to Lambeau next week and the Packers require this game to make not just a statement, but also to put the pressure on the Lions to run the table and give themselves a chance in the last game of the season. Green Bay is now, officially, the NFC North first place team. (more…)

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Moving Matthews to ILB

  3 years ago     167 Views     6 Comments  

I've been mulling over the idea of moving Matthews to inside linebacker. I thought it was a smart move against the Bears. It gave the Packers the element of surprise and played a big part in the Pack getting off to a fast start... or, at least, keeping the Bears from getting a fast start of their own. (more…)

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em

  3 years ago     102 Views     2 Comments  

Julius Peppers returns to Soldier Field as a Packer this Sunday. Back to the team that released him. Peppers said this week that the last play of the last game of the Bears season was the reason he got released. Peppers was on a beeline for Aaron Rodgers when John Kuhn chipped him just enough to allow Rodgers to escape and loft the ball to Randall Cobb for the win. I recently re-watched the Packers Bears game from last season and in particular, watched Julius Peppers.  (more…)

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Three Reasons the Packers Win on Sunday

  3 years ago     274 Views     4 Comments  

The Packers road loss to Detroit is now in the rear view mirror and it is time to look ahead to the meeting with the Bears. A lot of people in Packernation are panicking over the 1-2 record that the Packers have to take with them to Chicago. I'm here to say that the Packers will bounce back in this game, square up their record, and get back on track this Sunday versus the Bears. Here are three reasons why: (more…)

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When it Knocks…Answer

  3 years ago     117 Views     7 Comments  

Mike McCarthy had little to say after yesterday's loss to the Lions. More to come later this afternoon but I think he summed the game against the Lions up nicely in two words. Two words that tell me that this Packers team is not on the verge of collapse, as some in Packernation seem to believe. In the minutes following the game as I stormed around the house angrily "cleaning up", I thought about those two words myself. It is disappointing when a loaded Packers team doesn't capitalize, when two words can sum up a game. (more…)

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