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What 2 Watch 4: Packers V. Jets

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The Packers home opener against the Jets looks like the perfect opportunity for Green Bay to get back on track after an embarrassing showing against the Seahawks. And with three successive games against NFC North opponents to follow, getting back on track is not just important, it is paramount. But the Packers cannot afford to overlook the Jets in this game, while it could hardly be earlier in the season, with the Packers schedule it looks like a fast start is at stake in this game because with away games at the Bears and the Lions coming up to falter…

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One Thing the Packers Need to Get Straightened Out…

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The Green Bay Packers have done some good things in the preseason. Aaron Rodgers looks fit and sharp and the no huddle offense looks to be ready to impose itself on defenses from the start of the year. The defensive pass-rush has already shown improvement even though they are playing things close to the vest right now and Julius Peppers looks to be a guy that can help us get to the next level in that regard. The backfield is still suspect and we still show a weakness when ILB's end up in pass coverage but really...that will always be…

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What 2 Watch 4: Tomorrow’s Game against the Raiders

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Wow! Tomorrow is Friday and the third preseason game is upon us! We will get a chance to see Aaron Rodgers in more extended action and the Packers defense will again have a chance to stop the run and perhaps show us more against the pass. The third preseason game is usually the last chance for first team's to tighten things up without showing their hand to the regular season opponents. The Packers game-plan will be no different. We will get to see the starters in action for longer during this game but we will not see everything the Packers…

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And the Final Plus

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Well, tomorrow it will be time to focus on the game against the Rams Saturday but for right now, there is one more thing I want to mention about last Saturday's game against the Titans. Remember last season when our defensive backfield couldn't stop¬†anybody? I don't know about you but I have a feeling, after watching the Titans game, that this season will be different in that regard. I loved how Ha Ha played in the Titans game...sure, he missed a tackle but he also was disruptive back there, broke up a pass and hammered the ball out of a…

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