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Mock draft 2.0 by Jeff Hayes

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As I said in my first mock draft I have the right to change my mind so I figured I would do an alternative to my first. I will put the name of the player I had in the first mock next to the round then put this mock's pick below. 1st round, Joe Mixon RB Oklahoma Tj Watt OLB Wisconsin, this seems to be the fan favorite this year and he very well could be a Packer if he is there at 29 but the way it's looking teams are starting to notice his potential and should go in…

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Key Concerns About the Packers’ Linebacker Situation

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The Packers are down another cornerback and concern about the linebacker situation continues to be an issue. We discuss these issues and others on today's Good Packer Nation Morning. Catch the live show every Weekday morning and game day at 10:00 am EST on the GreenBay Packer Nation Facebook page. Or, subscribe on iTunes by clicking the link under the podcast player on this post. Join us for a ton of fun by going to your app store and downloading FireFan using the code GetTheRing. Once you’re done creating your profile find the PackerNation league with the GPN logo and…

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Packers’ Best-Ever First Round Draft Picks

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The NFL draft is nearly here, which unfortunately conjures bad memories among Packers fans about all-time busts like Tony Mandarich, Ahmad Carroll, and Justin Harrell, to name but a few. But the Packers get their #1 pick right a fair amount, too, so this post focuses on the positive vibes it might send Ted Thompson’s way! So here are my choices for the Green Bay Packers' top round #1 draft picks of all time. (At one time, players could sign with any team they wanted, so that’s why you won’t see a player like Don Hutson on this list.) 10.…

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Scenarios Abound: A Critical Meeting Forthcoming

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As the draft nears and pro days and meetings take place, players "stock" becomes more and more volatile. Teams pull their cards ever closer to their vests and news of meetings or scout pleadings becomes more and more veiled.  (more…)

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He Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Money

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Yesterday, news came out of Mike Daniels' new contract extension, but Daniels didn't really want to talk about it. His response was that he would celebrate in the offseason but for now, there was work to do and things to correct. I love that. If anyone doubted that Daniels was a baller coming out of college, no one is doubting him now. And Daniels still feels the grit of being called "too small" to play the position..."too short." He plays big though, as big as anyone in the game right now. It is great to see him get paid, and…

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